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Networks and Internet

Networks, Broadband and Internet

Many people experiencing problems with their broadband automatically place the blame on their supplier. This however is rarely the case. In truth, there are many factors that determine the speed of your broadband. The basic speed that you receive will depend on the package you’re on, the distance you are from your local telephone exchange and the quality of the wiring on your telephone line. However, there are several other factors that may affect your speed and connection reliability. The placement of ADSL filters in your property, the state of the internal telephone wiring and the position and range of any wireless routers, will all have an effect on the performance. In addition, although it may appear that your broadband is slow, the problem may in fact be an issue with your PC itself. At Southern PC Services we pride ourselves on the ability to diagnose your broadband problems and get your system working again as quickly as possible.

Internet faults fixed by southern PC Services

Home Networks

With today’s ever increasing reliance to the internet, a reliable network connection to all your devices is essential. There are several choices when it comes to setting up a network, from a simple WiFi connection through to a hard wired solution. Southern PC Services can survey the property and advise on the best setup to suit your needs.

Office Networks

The ability to share data across a business network in a secure and efficient way is essential in the world of modern business. Southern PC Services can survey your office space and install and maintain your office network.

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