Computer repair and servicing Southern PC Services

Computer Repair and Servicing

Computer Repair and Servicing

Southern PC Services provide an on-site service for your convenience and at a time to suit you. We cover all makes of Windows or Mac based desktop or laptop computers. Where possible we will carry out the computer repairs on your premises, but if the repair will take too long to complete on site, we’ll take the equipment away, fix it and bring it back to you. We’ll even ensure its plugged in and working before we leave. So you now no longer have to waste valuable time moving your equipment between your home or office and the computer repair shop.

On-site computer repair means that the equipment can be checked in its operating environment, which can be particularly important if there are problems with printer, network or Internet connectivity.

Whether it’s a routine computer service to improve the speed of your device, a hardware or software issue causing your PC to run slowly or intermittently or even a dead PC that needs reviving! We do it all.

Computer upgrades from Southern PC Services

Computer Repairs

Problems with a computer’s operation can broadly be broken down into two areas, software faults or hardware faults. Southern PC Services can identify which of these is causing your problems and fix them for you.

Software Repairs

  • Resolve start-up and shutdown problems
  • Resolve software conflicts
  • Update of drivers
  • Advice and installation of anti-virus and anti-malware software
  • Installation and configuration of software packages
  • Setup of email accounts and email clients
  • Identify and correct WiFi connection problems
  • Identify and correct printer connectivity issues
  • Setup and advice on data backups

Hardware Repairs

  • Identify and replace faulty hardware
  • Resolve power supply problems
  • Upgrades to hardware components

Routine Computer Servicing

Just like cars, computers need regular servicing too. Over time, as computers are used, you will notice that they begin to slow down. What once was a blisteringly fast PC, somehow turns into a annoyingly slow machine that has you yelling at the screen in frustration! Southern PC Services provide a comprehensive on site service to get your PC back to its former glory. A full service will include: –

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