Computer tuition by Southern PC Services

Computer Tuition

Computer Tuition

Southern PC Services offer one to one computer tuition on all aspects of computer use. Whether its a general introduction into using your computer, emailing, browsing the internet or help with a specific program, we can help.

Working either on a one to one or two to one basis in your own home, we will take the lesson at your pace to make sure you’re happy and confident in what you’re learning. All lessons are put over in plain English so you’re not baffled by ‘geek speak’!

In addition we can help with tuition and setup of your Android or iOS device (tablet or phone).

  • General computer use
  • Emails (including setting up email accounts)
  • Internet browsing
  • Working with images (downloading photos from your camera and emailing photos)
  • Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)
  • Help with other specific programs
  • Tuition on using Apple iPad or iPhone
  • Tuition on using Android based tablet or phone


Computer tuition from Southern PC Services

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