Virus and malware removal

Virus and malware removal

Virus and Malware Removal

Have you got annoying pop ups? Are programs repeatedly asking you to scan your PC for errors? Is your computer doing strange things or running really slowly? If so you could have malware on your PC. Malware is an all encompassing term for any malicious or mischievous programs that get onto your PC without your permission. They can range from programs that simply change your search settings, through to full blown viruses or ransomware that attempt to steal money or hold your files to ransom. Southern PC Services specialise in virus and malware removal and we can, in most cases, return your PC back to health without losing your programs or data. Occasionally in cases of serious infection we may have to reinstall your operating system.

Whilst Southern PC Services provide virus and malware removal services, a better approach is to prevent them getting on in the first place! We can show you how to avoid getting malware on your system and install anti-virus and anti malware programs to keep your computer secure from future attacks.

Virus and malware removal services include:-

  • Virus Removal
  • Malware removal
  • Advice on avoiding malware infestation
  • Supply, installation and configuration of antivirus and anti malware software
  • Supply, installation and configuration of backup systems

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