Computer Upgrades from Southern PC Services

Computer upgrades

Computer Upgrades

Many of our customers ask us if they need to buy a new computer as theirs is a few years old and is running really slowly. In most cases there is no need to spend several hundred pounds on a new computer. Generally, for most users, a good service is enough to dramatically improve the speed of an old computer. For older PCs, Southern PC Services can also supply upgraded components to increase a PC’s performance or provide more storage space without breaking the bank.

Computer upgrades from Southern PC Services


Among the upgrades that Southern PC Services can provide are:-

  • Supply and fit larger capacity Hard Drives
  • Supply and fit Solid State Drives (SSD) to dramatically increase the speed of your PC
  • Increasing Random Access Memory (RAM) to increase the system speed
  • Supply and fit updated graphics cards
  • Motherboard and CPU upgrades
  • Power supply upgrades
  • Supply and fit wireless adaptor cards
  • Supply and fit optical drives (CD/ DVD drives)

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