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Remote Support

Remote Support

Remote support allows one of our engineers to see your computer screen and temporarily take control of your PC whilst you sit back and watch. The remote session is conducted while you are on the telephone with your engineer so you are free to ask any questions as he carries out the work. All that’s needed is a working internet connection to the computer we’ll be working with.

Our remote support software provides secure access for our engineer only, and only when you allow it. Access to your computer is only allowed when you pass the unique 9 digit session number to your support engineer over the phone. This number changes with every connection and so ensures that no one can gain unauthorised access to your PC. You will be on the phone with our engineer and will be able to see everything he does as he carries out the repair. If at any time you’re not totally happy you can disconnect the session.

Please call us on the numbers above to arrange a support call, and our engineer will talk you through installing the software.

Install the Software

1. The links below download a single file, which allows secure access to your PC to our engineer. 

2. Click on the downloaded file to install and click ‘Yes’ or ‘Allow’ on any access control notifications that come up. Once the software is installed and running, read the 9 digit number on your screen to our technician (where the Xs are on the image below).

3. You’re now connected!

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