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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Has your computer died? Can you not get access to any of your files, photos or music? Firstly don’t panic! In most cases, even though you can’t access your data because your computer has died, it doesn’t mean that all is lost. Southern PC Services provide data recovery services. In most cases we can get the data off your damaged PC and onto another form of media so it’s available for you to reinstall onto a new PC.

In the event that we are unable to recover your data in house, we use the services of outside data recovery partners to recover your data in clean room conditions. 


Have you accidentally deleted a folder, some of your pictures or documents? Southern PC Services can recover deleted files from your hard drive, USB memory sticks, external hard drives or memory cards. If you’re aware that you’ve accidentally deleted some important files and they’re not in your recycle bin, then it’s important that you don’t carry on using the drive, as further use may overwrite the documents that we need to recover. Let us know as soon as possible and we’ll attempt the recovery on a no fix no fee basis.

Laptop computer repair by Southern PC Services

I can not thank Southern PC Services enough for their fantastic work! I have been reunited with all my ‘lost’ photos of my sons first 6 months after my hard drive deleted them all! I am so grateful; their prices were very reasonable and I was kept updated throughout the speedy service! Thank you! Highly recommended!

Mrs B – Hangleton

Computer Backups

These days so much of our data is held on our computers, whether it be photographs of the kids, documents, letters or music. But have you ever stopped to think what would happen if we no longer had access to those important files? If the worst came to the worst and you lost your all your data through either a malware attack, hard disk failure or theft, what would you do? If your blood runs cold at the thought of it, then you need a backup solution! A Backup of your computer is basically a copy of the data that’s on the hard drive on your PC. If the worst were to happen to your computer you then have a copy that can be put back onto your PC or its replacement. There several are different ways of backing up your data and Southern PC Services can advise on what is the right solution for you .

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