Laptop Repairs

Southern PC Services are specialists in laptop repairs on all makes of laptops. Although laptops have have the same basic components as desktop PCs, the necessity for them to be as light and compact as possible creates their own unique set of problems. Due to the ever shrinking size of laptops, the individual internal components are smaller and more delicate than their desktop counterparts. Add to this the fact that the laptop has to include a screen, keyboard and a power supply that has to be constantly connected and disconnected means that they tend to be far more vulnerable to damage.

Massive thank you to Southern PC Services who picked up my (trodden on) laptop with a broken screen at 4pm and returned it at 11am the next day, good as new and also cleaned up for me so running faster. Amazing service, would recommend to anyone.

Mrs B - Handcross

Laptop repair and servicing of modern laptops is a specialised job. The complexity of the casing and the delicate nature of the internal components means repairs are complex and not something that can be undertaken by the average user. Southern PC Services specialise laptop repairs to all makes of laptops. Services undertaken include: –

  • Replace damaged or broken screens
  • Replace broken screen hinges
  • Replace damaged case mouldings
  • Supply and fit replacement batteries
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Repairs to power sockets
  • Supply replacement power supplies
  • Supply memory upgrades
  • Upgrade hard drives to larger sizes or to Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Clear fluff from cooling system
  • Replacement of internal CMOS battery
Laptop repairs for all makes of laptops by Southern PC Services
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